How Many CCTV Cameras Are There?

Have you thought about how many CCTV cameras there are in the world? The answer is that there are more than 200 million of these cameras all over the world. It is estimated to be upwards of possibly 700 million right now. The great majority of these cameras are being used in China, at least half of them. That means there are tens of millions just in China alone that are keeping an eye on things.

Know More About CCTV Cameras
The CCTV cameras are used by governments from the United States to China and elsewhere, keeping a watchful eye on a growing number of communities over the years. Decades ago you might never have heard about a CCTV camera but now they are everywhere. These are a primary part of security systems today and in many popular cities you can find CCTV cameras being used. There is also a great deal of CCTV footage too that can be found online. (

The History of the CCTV Camera
The first CCTV came years ago when the very first version was installed by Siemens AG back in 1942. That was decades ago and now in 2020 you can find more than 20 million of them all over the world. These cameras have been used to capture footage of car accidents, natural disasters, and much more. There are hundreds of videos online featuring footage that has been captured by CCTV cameras that are all over the world today. Some have caught some amazing footage that can be found. The great thing about CCTV cameras is they can capture and store that footage for later access and so that is how millions can view the videos later on. (

There is one city in the world that has more than others and that is Taiyuan which is a region that is located in the Shanxi province of China, this is found to be at least 300 miles away from Beijing. They have a great deal of cameras there. If you want to find the one region in the world that has the most cctv cameras then you only need to look at China first to see it. But there are many cameras found in other places like Canada, the United States, the UK, and more areas. The cctv cameras have become very popular today and are a mainstream feature in the majority of security systems being used in public spaces. (

The next time that you are in a public space the chances are that you will be able to look up and there you will see a cctv camera. If you have not seen one yet then you should take a glance the next time you have a chance. But chances are that you have already seen one and know exactly what the cctv cameras look like. Not only are they in many cities around the world but they’ve been featured across many television and movie shows as well, in security themed scenes and more. They are very common today and probably will be found all over the place for years to come yet.