How to chose the best log burner

Choosing the right log burner is not an easy task; we have some things that you must put into consideration if you want to buy a log burner that is going to offer you the best results. Below are some of the things t consider when buying a log burner.

1. The type of fuel you want to burn

The kingdom fuel you want to burn will go along way to dictate the kind of log burner t=yiu have to buy. The choice can be determined bu the supply of log available at your area ad the cost of each type

2. Is you are smoke controlled?

If you are living in an area where smoke emissions are fully controlled, then you need to nu that does not emit smoke at all. We have some log burners that are well designed to ensure there is complete combustion.

These are snome of the thinhs you have to consider when choosing a log burner

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